Student bloopers of a sexual nature

Holiday weekends aren’t far ahead. Here are a few jewels from student papers to chuckle over and perhaps to share with family and friends not fortunate enough to be in the education business.

Babies are a sure result of how nonverbal communication works.

Anonymous student

Adolescents need comprehensive sex education to avoid life’s sex misconceptions.

Another anonymous student

Having more than one spouse in the United States is called bigotry.

A student clearly headed for law school

Happy holidays. I’ll have some literary nonfiction recommendations next time I post.

Linda Gorton Aragoni

More student bloopers

To give everyone a break from bad news and bad weather, here are three more bloopers from college students’ papers.

I always thought that if someone killed and killed and had no couscous they should get the death penalty.

Anonymous student

One can’t help wondering what the appropriate penalty would be for killers who have couscous.

This next item is from an explanation of the organizational structure of the company for which the student worked.

Below the board of Dictators our company branches out into divisions where there is a President and one of more Vice Presidents. . . . Their goals are set each day with the satisfaction of knowing that they are satisfying their customers by demanding excellence in the process of making an intolerable product.

Another anonymous student

It doesn’t take much to satisfy some people.

The next quotation is self-explanatory.

In a place of business, writing effectively means coming to a clear and concise point in as few words as possible in order to prevent wordiness.

A third anonymous student

I hope those quotes brighten your day.

Linda Gorton Aragoni