Mind the mindset gap

Systemic changes are hard, as the decades-long attempts by businesses to replace hierarchies with more functional organizations shows.

The stumbling blocks to systemic business changes, according to folks who have tried it are

  • Teaching new hires how to use an unfamiliar system can frustrate people when they are already stressed.
  • Teaching people how to implement changes takes time and costs money.
  • Learning a new system requires a new mindset.

The same difficulties that crop up in businesses when they attempt some sweeping change also crop up in schools when they attempt some sweeping change—whether its blended learning, Common Core State Standards, or a new bell schedule.

(Those difficulties may even crop up when you try to implement some change in your classroom: “Ms. Inky Fingers never made us do this!”)

How can we help our students, our peers, our staff or whoever is impacted by proposed systemic changes to develop a pro-change mindset?

This is a question I’m wrestling with in a couple different settings.

If you have any answers, I’d love to hear about your problem and how you worked it out.