Firefox search options go beyond Google

If you use Mozilla’s free Firefox browser, you probably know free add-ons increase the browser’s utility.

Did you know you can put specialized search engines available from the Firefox search box?

pop-up page list of installed search engines has link to more options
Manage Search Engines pop up page in Firefox web browser

The Firefox default lists seven general search engines, but you can add many others such as:

  • Howjsay 1.00, a free online dictonary of English pronunciation
  • Google scholar, the search engine for academic resources.
  • YouTube
  • SweetSearch, a search engine that searches only trustworthy, credible sites suitable for students seeking information.
  • The OCLC WorldCat libraries catalog of collections and services of 10,000 libraries around the world.
  • Library of Congress Search
  •, a site created by Masters & Ph.D. students from Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard, offers study guides & teaching resources for literature, US history, poetry
  • Project Gutenberg, which gives free online access to books (currently only searches by titles)

To add these and many other free search engines to the menu on your Firefox search bar, simply click the drop down menu symbol to the left of the Firefox search engine box . On the Manage Search Engines screen, look for the link to get more search engines. Clicking that link will take you to the Firefox download pages where you can choose from over 3,000 search  engine options.