How can I turn this to a profit?

The emphasis in teaching writing tends to be on having students produce products.





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We’d do students and ourselves a big favor if we could focus on teaching writing as a way of producing creative thinking.

Creative thinking is not the same thing as creative writing.

Creative thinking is grounded in real, this-is-happening life.

Creative thinking looks for ways to solve problems, to turn junk into a solution, to make trash beautiful.

The key to creative thinking is answering the question, “How can I turn this to a profit?”

Although money often is what initially prompts creative thinking, the profit need not be money.

Profit may be a friend made or a stranger helped.

Profit can be time saved, skills learned, or a personal brand established.

Profit is almost certainly the deep down satisfaction of knowing you didn’t give up before the problem was solved, until the junk became the solution, until the trash was beautiful.