Understanding and teaching copyright in the age of mashups

Need to teach students appropriate ways of using copyrighted digital media in their own productions? Here are two sources for developing your understanding and preparing lesson plans.

Eric Faden who teaches film/media studies at Bucknell University, created a clever, visual discussion of copyright, particularly as it applies to non-print texts. HisĀ  10-minute film A Fair(y) Use Tale uses snippets from Walt Disney films to deliver the script explaining what copyright is and appropriate ways to use it.

Faden made the film available under a Creative Commons License which allows you to download the material and show it without seeking any additional permission from him. At the Stanford Center for Internet and Society website, Faden’s film can also be viewed as streaming video or downloaded in mp4 format. The work can also be viewed on YouTube.

For help in teaching students responsible use of copyrighted material for remixes and mashups, check the curriculum available from TeachingCopyright.org. That site uses the Faden film as one of its teaching resources.