Farewell, dear readers

Many of you have subscribed to this blog for years. Some of you have given me valuable feedback and badly needed encouragement. Several of you have tagged after me from the time I began my first website, You-Can-Teach-Writing.com back in 1988.

I’m deeply indebted to all of you.

As Covid ceases to be a pandemic and, if the scientists are right, becomes endemic like seasonal flu, I suspect a good many of you will be leaving teaching. Some of you will leave because you’re reached retirement age and coping with Covid has left you mentally and emotionally exhausted. I suspect many more will leave because the mental and emotional exhaustion caused by Covid-caused has been compounded by disillusionment with public education. I hope each of you will find time to rest and recharge. Then I hope you’ll find a place to use your experience in settings that provide you with work that gives you pleasure.

I haven’t much hope to offer those of my readers who cannot afford to quit teaching now, except to say that Ukrainian teachers whose homes and schools were bombed to rubble are still teaching their students. As bad as your situation is, it can’t be that bad. What you must do, you can do.

With all best wishes,

Linda G. Aragoni