Questions from the community for candidates

In 2011 when Bainbridge-Guilford was looking for a new school superintendent,  I served on the committee of community representatives who interviewed the three finalists.

In preparation for the interviews, I developed and posted a list of questions I thought were reasonable for non-school people to ask candidates. They fell into three broad categories:

  • Community relations
  • Technology and lifelong learning
  • Instructional leadership

I think the list is still useful; however,  I’ve come to think that the questions about technology, lifelong learning, and instructional leadership might better be asked by some school constituent group rather than community representatives.

I’ve come to think the community representatives should be people without personal ties to the school—not relatives of staff or parents of current students, for example—whose interest in the schools is related to the lack of suitable candidates for their job opening or to their tax bill.

Such folks are harder to reach than those with personal school connections, but they are a large group and, if they only knew it, have a vested interest in having a good school system. Involving them in the superintendent interviews would be good PR for the school district.

And what district doesn’t need some good PR?