25% off on ELA writing prompts

Just in time for back to school, I’m offering 25% off my collections of writing prompts for teens or adults in English/composition classes.

These aren’t just writing topics. Each prompt is embedded within a self-contained writing lesson that provides everything students need to start their writing task without having to ask you for help.

Ready, Set, Write!  includes 20 writing prompts. Bullying Begins as Words contains 15 writing prompts.  Each prompt includes:

  • Context that tells students why the prompt is relevant.
  • Directions for pre-writing preparation.
  • The actual writing assignment.

All the prompts are ready-to-go. Just fill in the due date and the writing prompt is ready for students’ use.

Twenty of the 35 writing prompts are for not-yet-competent writers, who are referred to as noncoms. (Isn’t that a much nicer term than the labels sometimes given that group?)

As the marketers say, results may vary, but  in my experience, 21 weeks of responding to one formal prompt a week supplemented by daily informal writing  got three-quarters of noncoms writing competently.

Each collection includes resources for you in addition to the writing lessons for students. Here’s what you get in either collection:

  • An E-book that puts all the student and teacher materials in one place.
  • The PPC Handbook to answer your questions about using the materials.
  • All the prompts in the collection in both .pdf and .docx versions, each saying you have permission to use them with your students your entire teaching career.
  • A rubric for easy, helpful assessments.

If you already know you have to have these prompts, visit my e-junkie shop where you can get either or both collections at the 25% off discount.

The sale ends at midnight Friday, Aug. 16, 2019.

Bullying writing prompts collection available

Bullying Begins as Words

Bullying is a behavior problem, but it occurs within a communications situation. My latest e-book, Bullying Begins as Words, uses that fact to pull students into exploring verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication.

The nonfiction writing prompts in Bullying Begins as Words allow teens, college students, and adult students to examine those communications choices that can change communications situations,  including unpleasant ones like bullying incidents, for the better.

The prompts in Bullying Begins as Words are more than excuses for writing. They are associated with topics other than writing that are found in nearly every English program from middle school through college. The prompts are designed to be used with any textbook or no textbook.

English-communications topics addressed in the prompts include:

  • Metaphors
  • Connotation/denotation
  • Character development in literature
  • Developing awareness of an audience’s needs and preferences

Although there are only a dozen prompts in the collection, they take up 40 of the 62 pages of the book. Each student prompt includes everything students need to understand the assignment and get started on it.

The teacher materials  accompanying each prompt point out parts of the assignment that are likely to pose difficulty for students. The teacher materials also show each prompt fits with Common Core State Standards and the “revised Bloom’s taxonomy.”

Bullying Begins as Words is designed to provide English and communications teachers with writing prompts on genuine English and communications topics.The writing prompts are not designed to comfort victims of bullying, intervene in bullying situations, or prevent bullying.

If the writing prompts in Bullying Begins as Words reduce bullying, they will do it by increasing students’ awareness of the messages they send by their verbal and nonverbal communications choices.

[Link  to Bullying Begins as Words removed 2014-04-24. The book is is not currently available.