About Linda Aragoni

My name is Linda Aragoni.

Linda AragoniI read.

I write.

I think.

I teach.

For half a century, I’ve made my living by making big ideas simple.

I wrote technical texts for non-techies.

I wrote books on technical topics like steam turbine installation and drug interactions so that the guys in Indonesia with a screwdriver could install the steam turbine and the ex-blacksmith in upstate New York could pitch his company’s new drug to doctors.

I taught students who hated writing to write.

I taught students at five traditional colleges and three online ones to write straightforward expository prose by simplifying the process to eight strategies expressed in 33 words.

I shared my teaching tricks with other writing teachers.

I operated You-Can-Teach-Writing.com for five years, then closed it and distilled its 450 pages down to yctWriting.com. Now confine my academic work to yctWriting, this blog, and books about teaching writing. A second edition of The Writing Teacher’s ABCs is slated for publication in June.  It will be available in print and ebook format.

I read and review vintage fiction.

To reassure English teachers that I wasn’t anti-fiction, I reviewed all the bestselling novels of the twentieth century at my blog GreatPenformances.

Scrapped: Books about how to visit in a nursing home.

I had drafts of two books of my planned series on how to visit in a nursing home series finished when the Covid 19 pandemic struck. Given how hard the pandemic has hit long-term care communities, I decided to abandon the project. I feat that by the time nursing homes get their act together,  I’ll be too decrepit to operate a pencil.

Linda Aragoni