My name is Linda Aragoni.

Linda AragoniI read.

I write

I think

I teach.

For five years, I operated the website You Can Teach Writing.  I mothballed it maintaining a 450-age site to keep up with Google’s frequent requirement changes became to much to handle.  (A Japanese company bought the domain for its traffic; you-can-teach-writing.com is now being used to sell soap. Go figure.)

After time off to attend webinars and take MOOCs in things like Data Journalism and Design Thinking, I’m now getting back to my vocation: teaching teachers to teach nonfiction writing and to use nonfiction writing to teach.

My new website came online in June, 2017. PenPrompts.com is for those who teach required high school courses or general education courses in higher ed. The techniques on PenPrompts for crafting and deploying formal and informal writing prompts will be familiar to folks who remember my old site.

The PenPrompts focus is to help liberal arts faculty to prepare and use expository writing prompts to teach students in required courses the skills for thinking and learning that they’ll need on their first job and every subsequent job throughout their lives.

I plan to do some other web sites with content from the old “You Can Teach Writing” site sooner or later. GreatPenformances, my long-time project of reviewing all the bestselling novels 1900 though 1969 is wrapping up this year. When that’s completed, I may get those other websites built.

Linda Aragoni

June 2017