I look at 1919 bestsellers for Fine Books blog

For the fifth year in a row, Fine Books and Collections Contributing Writer Nate Pedersen picked my brains about 100-year-old best sellers for a January post  for the magazine’s blog.

screen shot of blog post

Nate is one of the co-authors of Quackery, a nonfiction books which I profiled here December 27, 2019. I met him through doing the retrospectives and that’s how I discovered his book.

Reading vintage fiction has been my hobby for years, but doing it systematically was a fairly recent decision. This year I’ll finish reading all the bestsellers of the 20th century and reviewing them for contemporary readers at my blog GreatPenformances. After that, I’m going to go back to being unsystematic again, starting, I think with Charles Dickens and some Elizabeth Berg novels I’ve missed.