Free MOOC shows how to verify web content

From faked photos to false information, the Internet is awash with “facts” that are lies.

“Navigating Misinformation,” a new, free MOOC from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, which starts March 25. will teach you how to verify social media content, breaking news, photos and videos.

The instructor for “Navigating Misinformation” is Clarie Wardle, co-founder and leader of First Draft, an organization dedicated to supporting journalists, academics, and technologists working to address challenges related to trust and truth in the digital age.

I realize it’s short notice and March-April is a tough time for educators to make room in their schedules for another activity, but “Navigating Misinformation”  looks like a great course for English teachers, media specialists, librarians, and school administrators.

Some of you may also have students with an interest in the topic.

I’ve taken MOOCs and credit-bearing courses from several big name universities. None of them rose to the quality of courses that the Knight Center gives away free.

The course has no live sessions that you must attend at a given time. The course is divided into four weekly modules, with videos, readings, discussion questions, and a weekly quiz. You log in to do each module’s work at days and times that are convenient for you.

If such things matter to you, you can even apply for a certificate of successful completion, but that requires paying a fee.

Again, the course starts Monday, March 25, 2019. Here’s where you can register for the MOOC.