How would you teach teachers to teach writing?

I have  some “What would you do in my place?” questions especially for folks who teach writing to teens and adults in post-secondary education settings  (which for convenience I’ll call grades 7-14) but school administrators and other interested parties are urged to offer their feedback as well.

Suppose you were given the task of teaching in-service English teachers grades 7-14 to teach nonfiction writing well enough that by the end of one school year every student in their class(s) will be able to write in good English short, timed, informative/explanatory texts on topics with which the students are familiar.

What short title would you give the course?  There would be a subtitle that adds detail.

This would be an online course requiring perhaps a 10-hour time commitment.

I’ve played with ideas, but haven’t hit on anything that felt right.

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.


2 thoughts on “How would you teach teachers to teach writing?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Scott. I would rather write a book than come up with the title for one!


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