A great end to 60 years of teaching

I suppose every teacher keeps a few treasures to read when they are discouraged. One of mine is a thank-you from a fellow teacher who had recently completed her 60th year of teaching.

Here’s the note:


I called you a few times last August, I believe, because I was interested in purchasing your writing program. You even returned the calls at least once, I remember.

I did use your materials—and did so most enthusiastically—last semester at Indiana University Southeast. I retired at the end of the fall semester after 20 years at IUS and after 60 years of teaching.

Your material, particularly the instructions for students to work in pairs and help each other to firm their “proofs,” was probably the single most helpful program I have ever received. I loved it.

My students suddenly knew what I was talking about! After all these years of teaching, Linda!

From then on the semester was clear sailing.

I also loved your attention to Bloom’s Taxonomy. I did often refer to Bloom’s T. in class this past semester, and I saw that it made a difference to students to be able to piece together the puzzle of this “whole education” thing. They seemed suddenly to realize the journey they were on and how it related to their goals and to their whole human being-ness.

Thank you so much, Linda. You have made the end of my teaching life everything I strove for from the first. It was like: “Now I get it!”

Bless her heart.

I’m glad to have had a part in helping her to end her career on a high note.

I pulled my Talk It Out materials off the digital shelves a couple years ago, thinking I’d put up for sale again “some day.”

Maybe I ought to make it some day soon.

It hardly seems right to make people wait 60 years to have the kind of  success they went into teaching to have.

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  1. I totally understand how this teacher feels. I have purchased everyone of Linda’s materials. I have used them every semester since the purchase! I love everything you have taught me how to be a better teacher. Thank you so much.


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