ABCs tell warm bodies how to teach nonfiction writing

Most people who end up teaching nonfiction writing get into it the way I did, by being the most convenient warm body the administration could find readily.Cover of The Writing Teacher's ABCs The Writing Teacher’s ABCs: Help Teens and Adults to Competent Nonfiction Writing is for them. The Writing Teacher’s ABCs  isn’t an "everything you need to know" book. It’s more of a "the least you can get by with while you figure out what you’re doing" book. I broke the big, frightening process  of teaching writing into 26 short, practical chapters, so

even if someone isn’t a great writer, even if someone never taught nonfiction writing before, and even if someone has  no clue where to begin,

The Writing Teacher’s ABCs will give them enough to get started and keep ahead of their students until they get the hang of teaching writing.

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