The accidental writing teacher

Most teachers who write to me about their challenges teaching nonfiction writing say they walked into their first writing class feeling totally unprepared.

Research into the experiences of American teachers shows my correspondents are fairly representative.

My latest book, The Writing Teacher’s ABCs: Help Teens and Adults to Competent Nonfiction Writing, is for them and others like them.

Here’s how to get it free

Beginning this coming Sunday, Feb. 15,  I’ll be giving away free copies on Twitter to the first 100 readers who scoop up the offer.

If you want a free copy, look for me @LindaAragoni  and the hashtag #ABCwrite on Twitter on Sunday.

The book is already available on LeanPub, where readers can skim the contents and read a couple of chapters.

The offer expires when 100 people have gotten free copies or on Feb 28, 2015, whichever comes first.