Frightening Revelation from Teacher Trainer


Subscribers to a monthly ezine I published* for teachers were invited to give some information anonymously about their teaching assignment and preparation for teaching nonfiction writing.  As I skimmed forms completed recently, one caught my attention.

The anonymous respondent, whom I’ll refer to by a feminine pronoun simply since most of my subscribers are female, said her first language is not English. That’s not typical of my subscribers, but it’s far from rare.

She also checked that she was “totally unprepared for teaching nonfiction writing,” and that she had taught writing for less than one year. Nothing unusual there. Most of my subscribers report less than adequate preparation,  though most have been teaching several years.

She indicated most of her students are between 18 and 24 years of age.  That’s not typical of my subscribers, but neither is it unusual.

What caught my eye was the subscriber’s job: “Supervise teachers/administer edu program”

That is more frightening than anything I saw on Halloween.

[* Writing Points ezine ceased publication in November 2013]

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