Encouragement from Writing Teachers

Teachers these days are facing a host of problems. Some weeks it seems as if my inbox contains nothing but wails from teachers trying to cope with new standards, more testing, conflicting directions, unengaged students, hostile parents, and unsupportive administrators.

Amid all that negativity, it’s a relief to hear from teachers who are determined to do their best for students regardless of what’s going on around them.

Here, for our mutual encouragement, are  comments from six writing teachers who are determined to that their students will become better writers:

I am excited to keep things simple and become a better writing teacher.

Although I am a published writer myself and I have been teaching writing for years, I want to improve so that my students also improve.

I am also working with the parents of my students and they are wanting to learn how to write as well.

I am an experienced writing teacher but am always looking for ways to improve. I do believe ALL my students can learn to write, and that most of them can learn to write well.

I want my students to be better writers.

Don’t those lines make you feel just a tad better about the current state of education?