Poetry expresses fears aroused by Newtown shootings

On Friday, 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., were shot and killed by a young man who also killed his mother and himself.

The event is too horrible for prose.

A poem by Robert Hershon, which I clipped from a piece by Polly Furth  in The Christian Science Monitor, does a far better job of explaining why, beyond the fascination of horror and heroism, the Newtown murders have touched people so deeply.

Hershon’s poem is entitled “Sentimental Moment or Why Did the Baguette Cross the Road?”

Don’t fill up on bread
I say absent-mindedly
The servings here are huge
My son, whose hair may be
receding a bit, says
Did you really just
say that to me?
What he doesn’t know
is that when we’re walking
together, when we get
to the curb
I sometimes start to reach
for his hand