I must believe very student can learn to write

A teacher going for national board certification contacted me through my website. She said she is intimidated by writing and teaching writing.

I told her that if her students learned nothing else from her,  they’d learn to be intimidated by writing, too.  Students pick up  attitudes faster than they pick up skills or content.

Writing teachers must believe every one of their students can learn to write.

It may not be true that everyone can write, but I must believe it is true because without that belief I cannot teach writing. I would quickly fall into the trap of picking a few students to spend my time on: the bright ones, the personable ones, the ones whose mothers are English teachers.  I’d not worry if the kids who are going into the military or working in their uncle’s grocery after high school can write.

If I didn’t believe that every student can learn to write, I’d shortchange a lot of people.

One of them would be me.