Rural schools as community centers

A grassroots movement  in Canada is attempting to get the government to rethink the role of rural schools within their communities rather than to close schools and bus students to bigger schools.

An article in Nova Scotia’s Chronicle Herald today reports that a group called the Small Schools Delegation has asked the province to make schools the economic engines for their rural communities. The group says that in a rural landscape, education cannot be regarded as separate from health, economic development, or tourism.

They point out, for example, that doctors are not likely to want to settle in a community without a school at its center, nor are young adults likely to want to buy homes in a community without a local school.

Other posts on this blog about the relationship of schools and  local economic development are include one asking could schools grow a local economy  and another on communities as school revenue streams.

I’ve also written several posts about the importance of encouraging entrepreneurship as both an educational and an economic tool.

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