NYS school budget vote expectations

School districts in New York State put their budgets before voters this week.  After large and highly unpopular reductions to teaching staff last year, many schools were forced to cut even further this year.  Schools are worried that residents who haven’t been vocal will express their unhappiness quietly at the polls Tuesday.

The news media are gearing up to cover the outcomes and the controversies.

This time last year I was reading 25 local news sites each morning for EmpirePage.com. The school board stories for the week looked something like this:

  • Monday: stories saying tomorrow is the school board voting
  • Tuesday: stories saying today is the school board vote
  • Wednesday: stories giving the outcomes of the vote
  • Thursday: stories about school superintendents handing in their resignations
  • Friday through Sunday: stories about how next year is going to be an even tougher year for school budgets.

I suspect we’re going to see history repeat itself.

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