Learning from my students

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In education circles, it’s fashionable to blog about learning from one’s students. Not to be left out—and because it’s April 1 when a certain amount of foolishness is acceptable—I will share insights my college students have generously shared with me.

One student told me that “a bird in the hand is worth two of George Bush.” That’s an insight you can take to the voting booth.

Another student cautioned me not to “burn my bridges at both ends.” Even burning them at one end could be a serious let down.

A third student said his wife ended up in the emergency room “every time she eats pees.” I am now very careful to avoid consuming pees.

And one student shared a piece of autobiography that explained something I’d never understood. The student said she had just gotten her GED and had decided to go on for her Ph.D. because she “only needed two more letters.” That was a light bulb moment for me. I finally understood why some folks consider an Ed.D. an easier degree than the Ph.D.: Once you have a GED, to get an Ed.D. you need only one more letter.

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