Curriculum planning in the digital age

Take a look at what curriculum planning looks like in the digital age.

The Foreign Languages Curriculum Review by the Holliston Public Schools in Holliston, MA. is an all-electronic  “document” with more content than many school districts’ websites.

The material is available online for school personnel, students, parents, and the public.

The Curriculum Review contains:

  • an overview of the curriculum review process,
  • statement of goals and philosophy,
  • list of desired learning outcomes,
  • articles, bibliographies, doctoral dissertations dealing with foreign language teaching
  • position papers on diverse learning styles,
  • papers on keeping instruction in the target language,
  • a budget showing required funding for foreign language instruction.

Each section is hyperlinked. You can move around easily with a click of a mouse.

The review was prepared by a school committee comprised of people working at the building level and the district level.  Their goal was a complete the alignment of the district’s current curriculum practices with state and national standards for PreK-12 students with best practices in foreign language education.  Holliston offers instruction in Spanish, French, Mandarin and Latin.

The entire project took three years. It was time well-spent.

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