Brainglass app not even half full

Karaoke4English Reader is a program with a distinct niche:  English language learners who want to improve their English reading skills by studying “historical speeches of US presidents.”

Karaoke4English is from Swedish mobile app developer Brainglass, which touts it as being for “beginning English learners.”

The program combines synchronized text and audio so reader can follow along as the text is read aloud. Users can get instant definitions of English words in Spanish, German, Russian, French, and Italian. They can also make their own study devices, such as flashcards.

Speeches are an unlikely choice for teaching reading skills. Listening to speech is vastly different from reading material designed for silent reading.  Moreover, speeches of US presidents hardly qualify as material for beginning English learners.

I could find no list on the four-page Brainglass website of what speeches are available other than the 1960 inaugural address of John F. Kennedy.

Karaoke4English Reader may have a great future, but for the present, its value to ESL educators is minimal.

[2016-02-03 removed link to the Brainglass website. It appears that only the blog remains on line.]