Good grammar question, good teacher

Mindy, a  fifth grade teacher from Ohio, shares her triumphs and challenges today in the teaching grammar forum.

She reports good success with a technique for finding sentence fragments that I picked up from linguist Rei Noguchi’s book Grammar and the Teaching of Writing: Limits and Possibilities. Teaching students to find and repair run-together sentences is proving far more  challenging for her.

I was impressed with Mindy’s clear description of her problem. She explained what happens in a way that made me see the interaction.

I also liked the fact that Mindy wants her students to be able to correct their own writing without her help or prompting. To me, enabling students to get along without a teacher is central to the teacher’s mission.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that a few weeks from the end of the school year, this teacher hasn’t slacked off on teaching. She’s still trying to find ways to help her students learn the material she knows is important.

Mindy and other dedicated teachers deserve a round of applause—and a pay raise.

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