Click for definitions on any webpage

Lingro is a great free resource for teaching vocabulary in context and for encouraging students to check the meanings of words they don’t recognize.  It is useful for teaching native English speakers, ESL students, and for teaching foreign languages to English speakers.

Simply copy and paste the URL of a web page into the form and choose the dictionary you want to use. Presto! You have the web page with every word clickable and linked to a dictionary.

Here’s the super cool part. Lingro supports 11 languages. Your student can look up a page written in English and read the definitions in

  • Spanish,
  • French,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • Portuguese,
  • Polish,
  • Swedish,
  • Russian,
  • Dutch,
  • Chinese, or
  • English.

That translation feature makes Lingro very useful for English language learners.

English-speaking students of foreign languages can read websites in the language they are studying and get definitions in English.

This website can be a very useful for students with reading comprehension problems who avoid dictionaries as being too hard or too time-consuming to use.  Lingro also remembers the words a reader looks up so the reader can go back and study that vocabulary.

Lingro is an open source project devoted to compiling dictionaries that will always be free to use.  The project is always looking for people fluent in two languages to help improve existing dictionaries and prepare dictionaries in other languages.

Russell Stannard’s short training video will introduce you to the main features of Lingro. Russ is on Twitter @russell1955.

[2016-02-03 removed reference to content that is no longer accessible.]

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