Mentoring for new ESL teachers

A mentoring program from RLI Language Services for anyone diving into a first experience teaching English as a Second Language looks very promising.

The mentoring program is the brainchild of English language teacher Berni Wall,  who is also the brains behind the online language learning tool Gapfillers

Berni was approached by several new teachers asking for support and language input. She put together a program that will help teachers develop their language and teaching skills and have some fun doing it.

Here is some of what’s on tap:

  • Monthly teleseminars/webinars on teaching topics, including skills teaching, using technology, motivation, use of L1 etc.
  • Dedicated sessions for building a professional learning network online using Twitter, Facebook, online conferences, etc.
  • Access to a forum to share ideas and successes, ask for information, discuss ELT topics
  • Email/Skype access for any problems or help
  • Monthly videos on ELT topics
  • Access to the Gapfillers e-learning site
  • 4 half-day online workshops

Teachers can enter the program any time during the year.

Some events  in the UK combine professional development and socializing. If you are teaching in Mobile, Alabama, you might not be able to take advantage of live events on the ground at Fleetham Lodge in Yorkshire, but at the price RLI is charging, the mentoring still looks to me like a bargain. If you live in a major American city, you probably pay as much for a decent cup of coffee as the mentoring will cost a week: the fee is £10 a month ($16 USD) or £100 a year ($164 USD).

The left hand column on the RLI Language Services site has a contact form you can use to get more information. The last update I saw said a half dozen people had already signed up for the mentoring program.

If you are a Twitter user, you can follow Berni @rliberni and pick up regular tips for ESL teaching.